Garage elevator information and updates

Nov 15, 2019

There are 26 elevators located across 15 parking garages on campus. Elevators are an extremely complex, yet absolutely critical, piece of equipment for the garages that require a high level of industry-specific knowledge. The safety of our parking customers is our priority always, and that includes elevator safety.

If you notice that an elevator is not operating properly or you have a question about whether a particular garage elevator is in service, please contact CampusParc 24/7 at 614-688-0000.

Below is a list of scheduled or long-term elevator outages. For information regarding any outages not listed, please contact Customer Care.

Garage Elevator Reason Estimated Return to Service
9th Avenue West West Outage Tuesday, Dec. 24
9th Avenue West East Outage Tuesday, Dec. 24
Ohio Union South Southeast Scheduled Service Dec. 18-20
Gateway Alternating outages Scheduled Service TBD