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Buckeye Lot Surface Parking

FacultyA&P CCS Staff - CX

Buckeye Lot Surface Parking


Buckeye Lot

  • Permit Year - 2020-2021
  • Annual Cost - $300.96
  • Monthly Cost - $25.08


This permit is available to employees holding faculty, administrative and professional, or classified civil service staff positions, as well as graduate students with paid appointments. Employee and student permit eligibility is determined by the university.

Permit Perks

  • Good Surface Lot Access: Get near 24/7 access to the Buckeye Lot (CX spaces) and 15,000+ spaces on West Campus. 
  • Frequent Shuttles: Parking is easy in the Buckeye Lots and, with shuttles leaving every four minutes, it could be your fastest and simplest way to where you're going.

Parking Access

Paid Hourly With Payment
Accessible No Access
State Vehicle No Access
Reserved Spaces No Access

Peak: 5 a.m. - 4 p.m. Weekdays
Off-Peak: 4 p.m. - 3 a.m. Weekdays, All Day Weekends
Overnight: 3 a.m. - 5 a.m.

Permit-specific surface lot access information is available here.

During campus-wide events like football games or concerts, an annual access keycard grants free access to all public day-of-event surface lots and garages.

  • Present your annual access keycard for no-cost entry into surface lots being sold at an event rate, regardless of final destination.
  • If your permit normally provides access to the garage that is being sold at an event rate, you may use your annual access keycard to enter the garage at no cost.
  • Keep your annual access keycard available year-round: If you do not have your annual access keycard, you mu will be required to pay the nonrefundable event parking rate to enter the facility.

Pricing & Payment

























Return, Refund & Exchange Policies

The University maintains a Pre-Tax Parking Program (Program) for eligible faculty and staff. Under the Program, eligible faculty and staff may purchase parking permits with pre-tax dollars.

You are eligible to participate in the Program if:

(1) you are a faculty or staff member who
is employed by the University in a Regular or Term
appointment for at least nine (9) months; and

(2) youhave standing hours of more than five (5) hours per
week. Note that Temporary employees and student
employees (other than Graduate Assistants) are not
eligible for this benefit.

After making an election to participate in the Program, your compensation will be reduced through monthly pretax payroll deductions through the end of the permit year (or the end of your appointment if that occurs first). Pre-tax payroll deductions will be taken once a month. If you are paid bi-weekly, the deduction will be taken from the second paycheck of the month. The amount of each deduction will be determined by
dividing the Annual Permit Fee by twelve (12) months.

Reminders for Permit Holders

We use license plate recognition technology to ensure that parked vehicles have valid permits and are parked in the appropriate areas. It's important to keep your vehicle license plate information current at all times. 

  • Up to two vehicles may be linked to a permit, but only one vehicle may be parked on campus at a time.
  • Paid hourly parking or a valid visitor permit is required for an additional linked vehicle to be parked on campus simultaneously.
  • Permit holders are responsible for ensuring license plate information is correct. Failure to do so may result in citations.

If you need to leave your car parked on campus for an extended period of time, contact us to get prior authorization.

Vehicles parked in one area for more than 72 consecutive hours without prior authorization will be cited as abandoned and relocated at the owner’s expense.